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HOCC Smart Cat Litter Box

HOCC Smart Cat Litter Box


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Product Name: HOCC's Smart Net Taste Cat Litter Box

Size: 446*495*560* (mm)

Weight: 4.9kg

Application: Cats (above three months old)

Product color: White

  • 【Intelligent Automatic Deodorization is High, Effective and Antibacterial】: Built-in infrared sensor and odor sensor, 24-hour automatic induction, intelligent release of clean odor molecules, deodorization and antibacterial, always guarding a healthy and clean living space.
  • 【"Cat" ergonomic pedals without sand】:The sand leakage pedal is made of impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS), which is shock-absorbing and shock-resistant to protect the cat’s safety while enhancing the sand filter effect to prevent cat litter from being carried out.
  • 【Smart Cat Litter Box】: Enclosed design, protect cat privacy, specially designed for cats enclosed space. Drawer design, easy to change sand and shovel excrement, convenient and quick. Internal winding corridor design.
  • 【Intelligent trigger and digital display】: Touch to start, the daily indoor clean air quality value is 1% ~ 15%, when the air quality value is higher than 15%, it intelligently senses and releases the fresh air factor. Reduce the spread of odors and let cats use it safely.
  • 【More】: Magnetic adsorption cat litter shovel, convenient. Touch the button and the screen will wake up automatically. USB built-in charging.
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