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14 panel Foldable Donut playpen for Child safety

14 panel Foldable Donut playpen for Child safety


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  • Easy Assembly : Just connect male and female pegs and push hard until they click. The playpen is ready to house your baby!
  • Activity Board: The game board can promote the baby's brain development, develop visual cognition, train the touch, and exercise the hands.
  • Bright Colors: Colorful baby jail stimulates the ability to learn and be entertained. Parents can utilize a playpen as part of the color learning process.
  • Adjustable for Convenience: You can reconfigure our play yard into different shapes such as square, octagon, rectangle, L, to fit your living space.

Safe Baby Playpen

  • Made from high-quality HDPE for long-lasting usage. ASTM certified.

  • Adult interior design-friendly

  • Designed to allow privacy without separation

  • The standard square size is 4.75 x 4.75 x 2 feet.

  • The gap between each panel is 1.4 inches. Panel thickness is 1.6 inches.

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