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Advanced Smart Baby Monitor

Advanced Smart Baby Monitor


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New Generation Baby Monitoring

5+ Monitoring Function
Baby crying, sleeping on the floor, covering the face, kicking the blanket, stranger alert, etc. monitor and instantly alert parents. 24-hour Al care, making childcare easier.

10+ Visual Function
With 1080P HD monitoring, 5m night vision, you can see the status of your baby at a glance in the dark; support 10 people to watch your baby online at the same time, making childcare more comprehensive.

360° Care
It can make your baby happier through original voice soothing baby, music soothing baby and two-way voice interaction soothing baby. And through smiley face capture, video storage, do not miss every moment of baby's growth; data local processing, no need to upload, more privacy; support multi-language.

Soothe Your Baby Anytime Anywhere

Built-in 10 music and 1 original sound, when the baby is detected crying, automatically light up the breathing light and play lullabies to soothe the baby.

 Crying Warning Intelligent Soothing

It can adjust the sensitivity of the alert according to user preferences, and if multiple cries are detected within 10 seconds, parents will be actively alerted and the soothing function will be activated

Covered Face Warning

Security Worry-free Detects when your baby's sleeping mouth and nose are covered by Al face recognition, and alerts parents in time.

Kick Blanket Warning Preventing Cold

Monitors the sleeping baby's feet and calves and other parts of the body according to the set monitoring range, and once triggered, will actively send alarm alerts.

Hazardous Area Intrusion Warning

When the baby enters the preset danger area, it will trigger the alarm system and alert the parents, this function prevents accidents when the baby is alone at home.


  • To download the app and install it, please scan the QR code on page 4 of the instruction manual. Once the app is installed, plug in the device and turn it on. Follow the prompts to connect the device to your phone.
  • The camera automatically switches to high-definition pictures and videos, with a resolution of up to 1080P, so you can see them anywhere on your phone.
  • Make sure the charging cable is plugged in and the 2.4G or WIFI network is working before the camera can be used.To ensure the accuracy of the AI function, you must first circle the area you want to monitor on the mobile APP interface. If you feel the alarm function is too frequent and is affecting your sleep, you can turn it off in the APP.This product is battery-free and safe to use. You don't have to worry about battery life or other accessories.
  • You can set the function keys on your baby monitor to alert you when your baby is crying, sleeping, covering their face, or in the danger zone. If any of these events occur, the alarm function will be sent to your mobile device. Always pay attention to your baby, take precautions before they happen, and take care of them

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